Striving to help all animals live a long healthy life, free of disease, neglect and abuse

The journey

Some years ago, in the 80’s and 90’s, I started caring for wildlife. I have had a lifelong passion for helping animals, lost or in need and native animals were one and the same to the domestic animals I brought home as a child.

More recently, my life opened some doors when I found a young female eastern grey, just killed, left lying in the middle of the Old Cooma Road, while driving into town to collect my two small children from school. The young mum, had a small pinky joey. It brought back some many memories of my youth and caring for wildlife and we decided, as a family, to embark on the journey of rearing our tiny 600g bundle.

We joined Wildcare, received wonderful support from local carers and the Macropod coordinators at the time, and so the journey began.

After a few years caring for eastern greys, we babysat a wombat joey, who we fell in love with and Tinker stayed. She has changed the life of our family, for good!

Amongst the wombats and other animals on our property, we ended up taking in a pony in need and so the rescue ponies began too. We are also happy to take in stray or unwanted domestic animals and help them back to health or simply to find a new home.

I am a qualified vet nurse and experienced owner/barefoot trimmer which helps in the care of all the animals at Misty Hills. My husband is a very skilled man, who can do anything at all. Since the wombats arrived, he has turned his hand to enclosure construction, burrow digging and shelter building.

The horizons are boundless!

I am a member Wildcare and Native Animal Rescue Group.

Misty Hills is currently self funded by our 'day jobs' and the occasional donation of materials received from very kind members of our community. Rescue and wildlife work is expensive and at times, gruelling, but the gift of seeing an animal free from pain, or safe and warm with no fear, is priceless. Donations of materials, or contributions towards their care is always appreciated. We are a registered charity, with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission.

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